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A Bank

unceslav 29.5.2012


somewhere next to Chlumec.

I would like better a black lava of Lanzarote: Atlantic through a window of a night club at Sun.

The hillsides at Kycera would have been beautiful – but – today “Azbuk” was spiting into a beer there.

Though I am drinking my sherry in Caleta what is known – an olive pertains to it.


Lanzarote – Famara 1984


                                      Karel Kryl


Jaromir Krystl


691 25


Bank, X.Y.

Number account: 191 219 629 / 0600



                                                                                                                      Brno 24.4.2012


Affair: A Suggestion with Composition


            I was personally in a branch office Ge Money Břeclav on 19.4.2012, where I discussed a possibility with agreement before a dealing of court – I provide of the arguments further which were told from the side of Ge Money and which were told from my side:


Ge Money: They aren’t commissioned me a registration to do,

                        the outstanding debt was handed over to an execution department,

                        I should call to a central office,

                        I should go to a court,

                        I should go to a lawyer,

                        I should call to the central office in Prague,

                        Ge Money Multiservise found out of my dates from the data processing – they didn’t hand over                      any dates to anybody, it is going about a sold outstanding debt and thein bank won’t resolute it.


My person: I want to agree by instalments calendar before the acting of court,

                        Ge Money, a.s. is mentioned as a plaintiff in the office document, you are for me the contact                           place to Ge Money, I didn’t discuss an anything with anybody ever,

                        they will send me of the court to you,

                        I won’t find any lawyer because you are mentioned as a plaintiff side,

                        I didn’t discuss a that with Prague, you are only contact place for me,

                        you handed over of my dates and Ge Money Multiservis posted me of Prague an offer credit,

                        it is possible just to agree the sides still before the judicial dealing together and the court-house                                    makes a record,

                        it is nonsens to make a judicial dealing due to the amount 13 499.81 CZK.


            I am sending a suggestion to a composition in this letter by instalments calendar still before the beginning of the presume.

                                                                                                                      Jaromir Krystl





I will write the following text into an office letter only:


The address of mailer




The address of recipient


                                                                                              Brno 24.4.2012





Affair: A Suggestion with Composition


            I am posting a suggestion with composition in this letter by instalments calendar still before the beginning of the judicial dealing in the affair: File number: …XY…/2011. I suppose that is not necessary to make a judicial dealing for amount 13 499,81 CZK.


                                                                                                                      Jaromir Krystl



My notices:


I met a lawyer in times of president Husak who expressed himself that an amount lower than 50 000 CZK is unnecessary to litigate. It was in times when the standard pay was around 2 200 CZK for a useful citizen. May be, the lawyer was even who said he is doing all except divorces and leasings. I told to them it in that bank office in spite of the declaring it is a sold outstanding debt and they won’t resolve it, the bank hunts me to a court for the amount 15 000 CZK but it is not true – because the action hasn’t regard for the payments which I paid to the account of Ge Money Multiservis still in the times of its being. I got the statement of contract at the Ge Money Multiservis about 14 days after with held a tough social party „A Wiping out of the Wrong Ghosts“ in the address of the late permanent address Chlupova 2 on 8.4.2010. At that time I should pay around 4 500 CZK and I sent an amount about 1 000 CZK a month to an account of the Ge Money Multiservis but somehow one times for two months what I can support by evidence.


Is it going any financial terror? It is not any good think for a bank office to treat a person such this way to gain for it. The expenses on account of clerks have to be more than their profit by the exacting a debt from my person by this way. They should possess of some process for the Citizen who may agree with a debt and somehow to pay it. They wouldn’t have being any measurement – there would have been statemented any „ministry“ process there and some appointment in our native Czech language had been removed absolutely then. Is the deal of robots? Do they make up to be of the most people who suffer from a finance, what of the most of persons without a home, what of the most people with some troubles to not rise against them?


Of the period president Husak was determined according to the administrative statement any organisation has to answer to a complaint till a month since the receiving of a complaint or suggestion. 

I don’t know if it is true still today. Shaman I. was there who advised some his „clients“ What they should provide by useful justice arguments without they would pay a lawyer.











He sent them to a library where were all statute books, they were be able to find out in a list, they noticed of the paragraphes concerning their question.

A justice said me at the last 90-th years to issue 6 additions at a bill and that the justice themselves don’t know according to what they should try.

Today the additions of bills are issued in the proceedings – I think every two years and it is not possible already to be well versed in that. Of the period president Husak it was possible because there were inserting all additions and modifications to the acts into one notebook and the original separation from the Criminal Code, Civil Code, Bussines Code at. – so the original simple segmentation doesn’t use now and for a citizen who hasn’t any juridical education to not have any right view really in it.

At the useful justice issues and statements – I saw a lot of them because my mother managed a number conflicts

against the Housing Association Ager, against Heating Plant Brno – I saw of the documents of the courts or of the Town District Kralovo Pole, there were inserting a lot of paragraphes – now I am estimated perhaps around 30, and if I made of the work and went to a library, browsed through a list of bills, collections and additions of acts, so I knew to not connect about half inserting paragraphes by this way of the cause at all. There were inserting only of due to a reason to discourage a useful citizen from searching of something about it and to manage somehow to gain a view about it.

Though such waffle – my mind is confirmed to it the clerks are clever.

We have just many educated, accountable, and good paid public servants – and what the Logic Materialists (?) – they would have explained me it about.


The bank didn’t answer me till today –  28.5.2012 – therefore I am sending it as an multiple email letter.


On 18.5.2012 I had an appointment in the bank again. Because they didn’t change of the address of my permanent place of residence in their inform bank system – it has to put twice there, once for the dates about a client, another time into the dates to the debt bank card. The debt card was sent to an address where I hadn’t been living second year yet. The post returned the article with a reason:

The bank card should post to the branch office back according to an information in a branch office at Brno, where I have got the established account. But it didn’t happen because my debt card was sent to a central office (in order that clerks what to do in Prague?). The debt card should have sent me to my permanent address now.

                   I established a new permanent payment order as a point number two to start to pay a debt – the creditor keeps silent. But it exists a variance with my takings and debts but Jesus said: You look for the kingdom of God and all others will add to you.

                   In the end we spoke about the letter which the branch office got on 24.4.2012. The letter was posted to a legal department in Prague still that day. Whether the central office won’t answer me till 28.5.2012 on Monday so I announce this cause in the internet.

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