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Comments on Czech Internet


Comments on Czech Internet


                        Whether I want to comment on the inform portal idnes.cz, I have to register there, otherwise it doesn’t  accept me any comment.

Today on 13.3. I commented the article „Brod uz je blizko“ (Ford – a name of a small town is nearby already) from MUDr.Jan Hnizdil on his blog: http://blog.aktualne.cz/blogy/jan-hnizdil.php. There was required a name, e-mail address and password. 

 The password I didn’t fill in of course. Then a tab displayed me to not have to fill in all dates.

Why, whether I want to write a comment on this blog requiring any password to me?

So I wrote in second test there a password: Any password I don’t put.

Clicking and a tab displayes with a question, whether I want to publish the name with the comment.

A needless question, there being let fill in or not there – about that everyone decides alone and he doesn’t click any other tab yet.

I have to click yes because with Care2 I was accustomed for an addressing – even there I have a photograph.

For who have I set the data in the first tab: A name, e-mail and password?

From a reason needs a blogger them or THEY have blessed him the Internet activity. Why has he want to know them?

What was a selectivity doing in our state?

WHO has the comments to evaluate?

Though in the end: The stupid software has taken it (mainly I filled the obligatory item) and was assigned my comment to other 339.

 Those 339 people added a comment to the other there before me and didn’t  occur to them that Mr.Hnizdil asks them of a password what any obligatory item?


How a successful blogger is Mr.Hnizdil on the opposite me who has not on his blog not even one comment.



A „gold“ Care2, there they don’t want of me any passwords by comments.

Is the Czech Internet weaved with Czech police net?

Have internet data been centralized on counties servers?

The sentence of Shaman I. sounds in a background: „THEY were doing well if check and manage the communication among people because it is the most important.“


                        Made 31.3.2015

                                                                                  Jaromír Krystl



Notices: I published this file on my blog JarKry.blog.sk in the section “Technology” because I have been providing full questions about the communication among people. E-mails: unceslav@zoznam.sk; jarkry@mail.ru

Continuation after several years:

P u m p k i n   s o u p


As I had an excellent pumpkin soup in a public diningroom of a fewer town and I did not want to ask of a recipe of the service in middle of a lot of customers, so I looked up on Internet to the pumpkin soup. The recipe has been in a web occupying with a health nutrition. The recipe has been too complicated and I wanted to put a comment with a thought that the recipe was more simple in the public diningroom sure and the soup was very taste at the same time.

I filled out necessary menu then I wrote a cement and clicked to inset. Suddenly a tab displayed with two necessary data: a name and password. Should I think up any new name and password due to one comment to a recipe in a soup? When I said this story to my friend so he reacted: You think up of all too much. Is it right or badly? If I have the 3.World War, so I have to think. Manipulate herd passed around myself? As any user to present of the web of an eating?

Second cause:

I played some videos my friend recommended myself. I read comments to one video of a feeling meat (they do not like me of the vegetarians and vegans). I wanted to add to them my comment – something from myself. I collided into the menu: password when I wrote my comment and clicked „to add“. A tab displayed: password – this time only password without a name.

Only blog I know and when it is not needed any password is: www.praguechess.cz. But as if it acted about some kind of an intelligence cream of society with a publicity of one multimillionaire.

Another cause: I looked at pages www.druidi.cz and when I wanted to tak a look at seminars, so it offered met he menu: enrol yourselves. I didn’t  any interest in that.

            Completed 21.11.2018                                              Jaromir Krystl


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