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A Telephoning VII.

Corsair - Prilohy pro Americany - 022015

“THEY were doing right whether checking and managing the communication among people because it is the most important.”



T e l e p h o n i n g    VII.


A notice of 14.1.2015 at 1:12 p.m.  in the Mahen’s Library, a place Brno - ….. on the …… street: I wanted to set a new e-mail box on wo.cz as Zdenek Kudlacek because Reskator recommended me to set new e-mail boxes under other names because nobody has choose my citizen passport with a setting a new e-mail box. Though I wrote there: Zdenek Kudlacek, password: 7Cajnik9, date of birth: 673010 – it displayed me a tablet with a sentence that I am setting some unallowed marks – do they have in the web Seznam a registration citizens of CR as on a Police there? – and that I have to write marks a-z and 0-9 (what I did of course it).

It started at 8:45 a.m. in the morning. I sent of a near telephone box a SMS-message to my fellow entrepreneur with a requirement me to call back as usually whether my credit has decreased what else with Trick card is common because one impulse costs 15 CZK here. I wrote in my SMS-message a phone number and I will wait on the place 20 minutes. Nothing. I went out to town to arrange many things. When one my friend didn’t come on an established place, so I went to call to a near telephone box Mr. …………….. (I am sitting at a theatre now, a break ends – it is a goal” though). I am calling him and asking to call back me to the phone number which I will dictate him. He: ……. That once presses on a button and immediatelly he calls back. He dind’t call. Some time I waited, about 2 minutes? Then I calculated still in 300 – 5 minutes? In the meantime I thought up good what I should do further. It remained on my credit 10 CZK. I went across to a near telephone box (from the morning already third) and I sent second message with a date of phone number today yet and I waited and calculated to 300. Nothing. I have on my credit last 5 CZK, I will post him a SMS from city of Brno – we will see. A time 30.1.2015, 08:30 p.m.

Just second act of the opera Rusalka ended. The final part of opera is before me and a telephoning and a last credit 5 CZK. Has it being all a truth or my dream? On one side the up to date technology, engineers, Czech leaders with an inexhaustible resources and on other side an unemployed labour with a group of angels and Saint Spirit? Is a fight the Ghost of Czech nation projected itself into persons in crucial civil and working positions (Americans were told “key positions” that) against Holy? Is it a fight of the ghost of Satan against the Holy God put on in a level thought, psychological affecting, terrorizing, abusing of up to date technology and doctors of the sphere of medicine? Psychologists, neurologists, Psychiatrists Butchers (I know a patient from Brno’s psychiatric hospital which is healed purposefully badly in order that she has not got of her bad being in ill health condition medicaments were giving her for a long time which were having for her negative consequences what else being with these medicaments presupposed and exists an enough long list possible negative consequences and therefore is recommended briefer time of their using), they know themselves, doesn’t  they do?

Today is 31.1.2015 and I have this checked information: Yesterday in the evening my friend watched TV-set in his living room, the mobil-phone peeped inn his kitchen and he didn’t hear it. Why had you called me on Friday? Because the telephone boxes reported him not to accept the mentioned station any call. Both these apparatuses have stood in a district province of Our Worldly People from Lisen (Lishen). I asked for him today to call the telephone number which he has in the yesterday’s  SMS message and that is of the telephone box which has stood at a theatre in the middle of town Brno. On this case a technology has reacted an usual way – he got a peal out tone.

In a background a wisdom sentence sounds: “They were doing good whether checking and managing the communication among people because it is the most important”,  unfortunately People Who Think High about Themselves didn’t give any notice to it.


                   Made 20.2.2015

                                                                           Jaromir Krystl


e-mail address: unceslav@zoznam.sk



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