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A Telephoning VIII.

Corsair - prilohy pro Americany

and what you to wish nice

in order that the world was easier

kind words are small sparrows

small birds and timid.


                                                                  Jan  Skacel


T e l e p h o n i n g    VIII.


Today 12.2.2015 I called a friend in the morning around 8 o’clock – to a mobil phone of course, and I asked for him to call me back because just he went in a bus and my Trick-card would be on the decrease (I calculate but that these short call costed about 30 CZK).


I made other a short call (again to a mobil), we agreed an appointment on tomorrow

(it decreased other 30-45 CZK from my credit – now I have about 70 CZK about there). Hardly I put, he alredy called me – it means though that the incoming calls in this telephone box (and may be even in those others) is allowed.

 WHO should not had called me on Friday 30.1.?


What have an important contact been it, on the specified in a contact number for a fixed period? That have been damaged due to a quick action of clever Our Worldly People?

A man is a being social and it doesn’t matter only depends on him, it depends even on people around him, how will he and what he reachs.  

It is sad when People Who Think High of Themselves face that they see nothing – what it doesn’t  match of them.

But I have an opinion that people behave similarly even on the top positions in Europe because the Europeans are pigged out (lazy) and don’t  want to add any concerns.

In a background sounds a sentence of Shaman I.: „THEY were doing good whether check and manage the communication among people because it is the most important.“

Even this file I am publishing on my blog and translate it to English language and send to the world.

It is interesting that multiple e-mail letters stopped me to come on zoznam.sk.


                                   Made on 24.2.2015

                                                                       Jaromir Krystl,

e-mail: unceslav@zoznam.sk




A notice: Yesterday 25.2.2015 I knew that I can‘t  set this article on my blog JarKry.blog.sk. Brno’s  IT engineers worked hard on it. Therefore I am sending it to all my friends – extremly. By   JarKry

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